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When the Mesa City fathers wrote the peddlers and solicitors law more than 15 years ago, I'm sure they did not intend this law for those people who are on private property on a permanent basis paying rent. If they did, then they made a bad mistake.

When someone is a solicitor going from house to house or from business to business, it's the proper thing to have a police background check with fingerprints. After all, if these peddlers do something wrong, we want to know how to track them down!

It's also understandable that we don't want peddlers or solicitors soliciting to our homes or businesses after 8pm either. These are some of the rules covered by the Mesa code dealing with solicitors, peddlers and vendors.

So, ...the city of Mesa has decided to start issuing verbal warnings to the 4 Hispanic Hot Dog businesses in the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood.

These Hot Dog businesses are always in the same location.
They pay rent on private property.
They operate in the required C-2 or C-3 business zones.
They have the $35.00 City of Mesa tax license.
They have the $100.00 peddlers license. (The city wrongfully made them get this.)
They have the $1,000.00 bond (They were forced to get by the city.)
They have the Maricopa County Health Department inspection sticker.
Their customers are 99% Hispanic.
And their food is absolutely delicious.

But just 2 short blocks to the west from one of these vendors, also on Main Street there are another 3 or 4 vendors operating by Pioneer Park on the north and east side of the Mormon Temple. These vendors, who sell their merchandise after 8pm are on the public streets, each taking up 2 or 3 public parking spaces.

I was there when the police went around to the different Hot Dog businesses located on private commercial property and gave them a warning, that they were operating illegally and could not operate after 8pm.

One of these Hot Dog businesses has been operating as long as 2 years at the same location. The others have been operating for 9 months another for just over 1 year at the same location.

When this writer asked the City of Mesa Police officer David Anaya why he was not ticketing the other vendors by the Mormon Temple, 2 of which have no license at all, ...Officer Anaya replied, "I asked my supervisor about that, and I was told to leave them alone." The officer did not seem to be too happy about this situation. He explained that he was only doing his job. The police were very respectful and they did not harass the Hispanic vendors like some cops would.

The peddlers license and the bond are both uncalled for.
This is another discriminatory act by the City of Mesa.
If these businesses were Mormon owned or catering their wares to a Mormon clientele, the City of Mesa would not even bother with these Hot Dog businesses.


Look for the story entitled "THE LIST" Mormon owned business and businesses of Good Old Boy friends in the city of Mesa are knowingly getting away with zoning, sign code and landscaping violations that other business can't get away with.
We will present a list of existing violators.


Last September City Manager Charles K. Luster announced that in March of 2000 he will be stepping down. Rest assured that IF in fact he really does leave, Mr. Luster will have his iron fist, hand and nose in running (corrupting) the City of Mesa. Hopefully the city council will not put in Charles Luster's 20-year disciple, assistant crony Mike Hutchinson. That would be a big mistake. Hutchinson needs to go!

Months ago petitions were being circulated for the Mesa election ballot to make the City of Mesa Manager an elected official. After the signature drive had begun, Mr. Luster announced that he was going to retire. Did the organizers wrongfully stop the petition drive?
I think they did.

My prediction is that Charles Luster stepping down will never materialize because the City will not really try to find someone to take the job. Luster will remain in place to condemn more properties and give them to friends of the City officials for a $1.00, to put stop lights in front of friends' business where they do not belong and to continue to let the good ole boys get away with zoning violations.

ed magidson

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