Top Ten Reasons to Not Vote for this Man

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Heard on the
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by eldon bishop

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The only thing standing in our way is the Constitution
- Dennis Kavanaugh
10.     Dennis supported the multimillion-dollar give-away to Brown & Brown.

9.       Dennis supported the multimillion-dollar give-away to the Arizona Cardinals for Rio Salado.

8.       Dennis supports the cutting of police and fire protection.

7.       Dennis opposes the property tax initiative, which will let us vote on whether or not to implement a property tax.

6.       Dennis is a high tax, high maintenance, and liberal Democrat.

5.       Dennis voted against private property rights every time a private property rights issue came up.

4.       Dennis voted in favor of numerous government mandates, regardless of how intrusive they were.

3.       Dennis pushed the ethics code, which would have allowed the city council to remove duly elected Council members. This intrusive referendum would have allowed council to get rid of their political opponents because they did not like them. Dennis issued an implied threat to a colleague because he did not want to be opposed by conservative Tim Owen in this upcoming election.

2.      Dennis has been ordained by the press. Dennis has been quoted more than any other elected city official has for the last 2 years. The press is promoting him. Reporters love Dennis because of his liberal style and agenda. They have never criticized him. They call on him for comments on everything. Dennis is the press�s lackey.

1.      Dennis opposes conservative values that most of us believe in.

Steve Johnson

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Top Ten Reasons to not Vote for This man
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