“Michael T. Hutchinson must go!”

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Michael T. Hutchinson does not qualify for the position of Mesa City Manager or the position of Mesa Assistant City Manager...Say City staffers in various departments, “Michael T. Hutchinson must go.”

The Mesa City council is in the process of looking for a new city manager.

Newspaper reports and statements from council members indicate that they are truly seeking a new type of manager. They are painfully aware of Mesa’s negative image and the great need for improvement and change from what we have had. Currently the city council is having a consulting firm review resumes from applicants nationwide. We understand that one of the applicants is Michael T. Hutchinson, who alone has held the title of Mesa Assistant City Manager for over 20 years. He has worked under the sole tutelage of one person, Charles K. Luster, for the same duration.

That’s right. One city manager and one assistant city manager for over 20 years.

Like father and son, Luster and Hutchinson have even grown to look alike. In reality, Hutchinson’s position for over two decades has been that of Man Friday, .... albeit a well-paid Man Friday. His duties are best described as mouthpiece for the czar, protector and loyal servant of the czar, doublespeak communicator, water carrier for the czar, intermingler with aliens (Mesa citizens)for the purpose of reporting his findings to the czar, writer of unsolicited intimidating letters to aliens, making unsolicited demeaning phone calls to aliens, creative cover-up facilitator and sweeper of select items under the rug of the czar. Mike Hutchinson has often stated publicly that he enjoys his job immensely.

Is Mike Hutchinson his own person? Not in Mesa, he isn’t. Does Mike Hutchinson have the ability to inspire others to their greatest potential with freedom, self-confidence and trust? Certainly not in Mesa, and probably not anywhere else. His ways are the wanton ways of his destructive master and mentor, the only ways he knows.

For over two decades Mike Hutchinson has willingly enslaved himself to management methods of chicanery, guile, back-room secrecy and lawlessness to benefit a favored few. His 20 year position in Mesa has not been one of public service, but one of servitude to a single despot.

The vast majority of city employees do adhere to the worthy values of serving the citizens of Mesa with honesty and integrity, with fairness and respect. They understand the duties of their jobs an understand that they are responsible for their actions. Competence and expertise do not rely on connivery. It has been when the Luster/Hutchinson management duet runs interference for its own loathsome self serving purposes, which it has been wont to do, that those very basic values become tainted or destroyed.

There will be no positive change, no room for enlightened thinking, no relief, no cleansing, if the poison of the despot, in the form of Mike Hutchinson, is allowed to remain.

Michael T. Hutchinson has been an active contributor to the despicable corruption that has so tarnished the city of Mesa. The Mesa City Council must reconize the portent of the residual to fresh and new city management for Mesa. Given the stated goals, Michael T. Hutchinson does not qualify for the position of Mesa City Manager or the position of Mesa Assistant City Manager.

...Say City staff members in various departments, “Michael T. Hutchinson must go.”

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