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Millionaire families and various businesses from around Arizona mistreat Immigrant workers ..
Violating their civil & Human Rights.

Millionaire families and various business from around Arizona mistreat Immigrant workers..Violating their Civil & Human Rights

Famous TV talk show Host and clothing manufacture Kathy Lee Gifford employs workers in foreign countries, more than 6,000 miles away form her home in New York. This was an understandable situation. When these underpaid and sweatshop like conditions were bought to her attention, she corrected it. Her workers had a place to live and were not forced to live out in the cold and rain in the middle of fields.. Unlike the workers I have described below.

For over 25 years many Arizona families and local businesses have illegally brought undocumented immigrants from Mexico to Arizona, working them from sunrise to sundown (working their "huevos" off). The immigrants are not able to pay for the bare necessities and end up living in inhumane conditions.

These millionaire families and various business owners have been paying the "Coyotes" (smugglers) to transport entire families to Arizona and then forcing these families to repay the total cost of the smugglers' fee ranging from $500 to $1,500 per person.

Why don't these immigrant workers leave?
We all know that life in Mexico for these migrant workers is not good. They come here with dreams of being able to just feed their families and the possibility of living a better life, all immigrants that came from Europe and elsewhere.

These Hispanic immigrants are all brought here being promised permanent residency in the United States if they come and work hard, ...only to be used, abused and exploited ... almost never getting any type of legal status whatsoever that they were promised.

Some workers claim they are even sexually abused. Workers sometimes never get paid at all. After they have worked for weeks, just working for food, promissed they will be paid money, they are then threatened with deportation if they do not continue.


These immigrants are actually dropped off by the smugglers (coyotes) and told to wait in the middle of various orange and grapefruit groves until someone picks them up for work. The temperature often goes down at night to the low 30's or lower between October and March.

Most of these immigrants have not eaten food since their long trip from Mexico and have no money in their pockets. They are sleeping under the trees with little or no blankets or jackets. They say, "We may be here for 2 or 3 days before we get any work to buy food".

Picture of about 50 workers just dropped off to wait under the trees in the middle of the fields left to fend for themselves.

These various business owners around the state are paying less than minimum wage. Millionaire farm owners are giving these immigrants inhumane places to live. After being dropped off by the smugglers many immigrants are building makeshift tree houses. They will go through garbage cans taking the plastic garbage bags and hang them under the tree to protect themselves form the rain.

If the workers are eventually placed in housing by the employers, it is usually an old dilapidated shack that are fire traps with dangling wires that are exposed .. and not 1 smoke detector to be found, no fire extinguishers, and no water to drink. There is even the smell of leaking gas at the places we visited.

The above picture,..I wish I could actually call this a tree house. Then this situation would not be so bad.

In plain view, picture below shows the employer's home just about 500 feet away.

One of the many employers homes, just 300 feet away from a make shift tree house.

Nearby canals are the source for drinking water and bathing.

Those who are not living under the trees have no stoves and are forced to cook outside their shacks. Many families are still using outhouses as well. Several workers who have been here in the summer and live in the groves said , "When it's over 100 degrees we dig holes in the ground and sleep to keep cool."

Jose says he has been sick for a while now. He has no money to go to the doctor. He says he is not sure what he makes, ..but he thinks it may be about $50.00 a week. He gets paid by the job and works from sunrise to sundown. But Jose has nothing bad to say about his employer. Like the Black slaves in the South who were loyal to their master.

Other living areas for immigrants in Maricopa County.

At this time we do not want to reveal the exact locations of these violators unless we have the assurance of a politician who will not let these people be deported and will help them get humane housing and at least minimum wages. These people are doing the work no existing American wants, including Whites, Blacks, Hispanic or Asian Americans.


The State should step in and help. Not to shove them into a barbed wire camp either.
Let's get these Coyotes (smugglers) and farmers and various other employers to put up or shut them down:

1..Stop these immigrants from paying over $500 to enter the United States to do our dirty work.
2..Get these farmers and other employers to set up at minimum trailers with running water and bathroom facilities.
3..Make it a Felony for those who drop off immigrants in front of fields to live and wait for work. 4..Make it a Felony for the property owners as well who allow these inhumane conditions. 5..Establish locations in areas around the state, central drop- off points for these workers to be placed in either central housing where they will work or advertise for sponsors to take these immigrants into their homes.

We can't look the other way anymore. This inhumane treatment must stop.


Many people today feel that we should get rid of these illegals. OK, ...let's say we did.


For those of you saying, .."Let's deport all those illegal's".............

1..Builders would be at a total standstill statewide.
2..Landlords statewide would begin to go into foreclosure for lack of occupancy.
3..Fruits and vegetables will be scarce at best.
4..Got milk?
5..Our beautiful manicured landscape first would become overgrown and then die from lack of water from UN-repaired sprinklers.
6..Road construction for the cities and the state would be at a near standstill.
7..Wealthy housewives would now have to clean their own homes and cook their families' meals.
8..We'll be driving around in filthy cars.
9..Car dealers would only have Anglos to rip-off.
10..Many restaurants would have to close.
11..State and Federal Tax agencies would loose all that tax revenue that these agencies are able to collect & keep due to the phony social security numbers that illegal immigrants are forced to use so they may work and pay taxes. We're talking millions!
12..Cities will loose census-based funding for economic redevelopment.
13..School districts will loose funding.
14..Teachers will be laid off permanently
15..Southwest Supermarkets and some 7-11 / Circle K's will lose business forcing some to close down.
16..No more Mexican hot dog stands, causing the City of Mesa to lose tax revenue and thousands in license fees!

OK, there are ..A FEW BENEFITS...

1...There would be less smog!
2...We would have more space in our jails.
3...Some crime would go down ..(some)
4...Anglo replacements would be paid more, ..BUT,.. that would cause us to pay more as consumers?
5...Mesa AZ cops would not have to spend time tracking down Mexican Hot dog businesses (not vendors) .. giving Police more time to go after Anglo crimes.

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See more photos of other dropping off points for illegal immigrants.

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